Storage Without Compromises

ShdwDrive is decentralized, performant, and scalable object storage designed for Web3 builders.


Reliable object storage for everyone

Store and deliver content at scale with built-in Web3 enhancements.

User Friendly

Technically and operationally simple so your project or business can get to market faster. Robust and intuitive SDK/CLI API implementations designed ground-up to support Web3 backends and open-sourced for rapid evolution. Built-in integration with blockchain economics saves you time.


ShdwDrive is built with multiple security layers designed to protect your files by default. Erasure coding, encrypting, and shredding your files across a distributed network means no third party can access or piece together your data – including us.

Competitive Scaling

Designed to keep pace with your most ambitious projects. With ShdwDrive, you get instant access to more storage, throughput, and uptime. We combine fast, batched uploads and robust CDN design to give your projects the speed and stability that they deserve.

Community-Driven Platform for Platforms

ShdwDrive is built to support nearly any kind of UI design via an ever-expanding SDK. ShdwDrive can be utilized to build your own hosting services, CDNs, social media applications, or nearly any other platform imaginable. If your project needs data storage, then ShdwDrive is your foundation.

Blockchain-efficient, Web3-consistent deployment

Choose the state of your data

You know the use case for your files better than anyone. Immutable data is stored forever and is locked to prevent editing. Choose mutability for temporary data storage needs, data that needs to be changed over time, or both. Your data, your choice! Utilizing consensus-driven distributed ledger technology, ShdwDrive takes storing your data to the next level.

Use cases

Web hosting & content management

Managing static content at high volumes that can elastically scale with your needs makes ShdwDrive a great solution for web content, media, images, and other unstructured data types.

Archival & back-up

By 3x replicating and erasure coding encrypted records across a decentralized network, ShdwDrive can preserve valuable records from bad actors.

Social media

Temporarily or permanently store message history and embedded media, stream video content from user uploads, and store and deliver vast amounts of images and avatars to enhance the Web3 efficacy of your app.


Some information is too important for humanity to lose. From scientific research projects to historical documentation, cryptographic proofs guarantee a dataset’s integrity and availability forever. Imagine if the world’s most important libraries couldn’t be destroyed because the information has been distributed across thousands of unique locations worldwide.

Personal & editable storage space

With optional mutability, you are free to create and delete files as you see fit. With low costs and many front-end user interfaces to choose from, ShdwDrive can be your personal expanded storage space.

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